Bloom is a self care resource that helps millennial minority moms and wives become whole.

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What is Bloom?

Bloom is the only self care resource that helps millennial minority moms and wives by offering self care advice in an organic environment with a transparent voice. Helping them feel revitalized and whole. Bloom offers a well-rounded knowledge of self care, opportunities to rest and revitalize, a network of resources, and a community of accountability that ensures all continue in wholeness.

What is Self Care?

Self Care is an introspective and continuous journey of learning and re-learning who you are wholly, and then finding the best ways of preserving and fulfilling who you are in every way. It can be classified as anything that opens you up in a healthy way!

Why is Self Care Important?

Self Care is important because we as women are constantly bombarded with opportunities to pour out of ourselves for our families, our friends and our career. If we don’t find ways to fill ourselves back up in the same ways that we pour out, we run the risk of depression, exhaustion, overwhelm and more!

Hey Beauties, I'm Ari!

My name is Ariel Smith. I’m 32, I’m mommy to a 10 year old bonus daughter, a 2 year old mini me and my newborn son. I’m a newlywed of 3 years to an amazing man that God designed just for me. My family is a huge part of what makes me great, but they don’t define who I am. I am a fun sized fun loving lady who lives her life for Jesus Christ. What brings me joy is bringing joy to others, truly. I love to sing, dance, write, paint, and a host of other things!

Self care in its wholeness saved my life. I noticed that the beautiful roles of mother and wife consumed me to the point that I lost myself! As a result, I nearly lost everything! I see moms and wives around me, and beyond, get to that breaking point and I believe it’s totally preventable.  With transparency, sharing the lessons I’ve learned, with well rounded self care, and with a network of other women who “get it”, I refuse to go back to that place and I’m excited to take you along with me on my journey to bloom!

Bloom Self Care Coaching

Why Do You Need Coaching? Nothing about self care is an easy task. Having a self care coach helps you to take the struggles you face that seem impossible to get beyond, and make them possible. By remaining unbiased, your coach can show you every opportunity to apply her principles to your life, offer actionable steps to apply them, all while being compassionate and honest.

With your best interest at heart, there’s no dancing around the truth which makes her advice reliable. With her as your accountability partner, your chances at reaching your self care goals increase by 95%! Although some steps require solitude, you don’t have to do the work all alone. Some lessons you can learn from her mistakes, and not your own which is freely given to all coaching clients.

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The Self Care Podcast

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Lets Bloom together POdcast

Lets Bloom Together provides the only transparent podcast on streaming services that takes self care deep beneath the surface for millennial minority moms and wives that feel frustrated – helping them feel revitalized by delivering wholelistic advice during this superficial self care movement.

Lets Bloom Together Podcast is available on most streaming services. Click a streaming service below to listen to the latest Episode.

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The 8 Petals of Self Care

Promoting A Wholistic Way of Life

Many times when we think of self care, we only think of 1-2 different ways we can rejuvenate ourselves. Pop culture displays self care as a luxury, which is hard to attain as a wife or young mama! The truth is that self care is anything that opens you up in a healthy way! The “petals of self care” is used to demonstrate all of the different areas from which we give, and therefore can apply self care! It’s not all face masks and bubble baths. Self Care can get dirty and ugly too! This flower shows that the tough areas are just as important as the indulgent. Join Ari on the journey to wholeness and self discovery! You don’t have to conquer these petals alone!